• Maura Scudero

The Outfits We’ll Wear When Quarantine is Over

As we round out week six of quarantine I can’t help but daydream about the outfits that I’ll wear once quarantine is over. Perhaps it's symbolic of all the things and people I miss, or maybe I’m just tired of wearing leggings and my husbands oversized t shirt. Either way, drooling over beautiful Spring clothes is a great pastime when you’re stuck inside weeks on end. From date nights out to park play dates with mom friends, Etre Collection has us covered.

Date Night

Do you remember “going out”? We would get dressed up, put on our make-up and do our hair and go out to places or events - where other people were. It was nuts. But it will happen again. And when the day comes where we can go out to a nice dinner, grab drinks or go see a show, I know what I’ll be wearing. Classy, chic and sleeveless - this jumpsuit is the perfect pick for a night on the town with its v-neck neckline. It comes in every woman’s most flattering color, black, and helps accentuate the waist with it’s self-tie belt.

Coffee Date

Meeting up with a friend and grabbing a cup of coffee is a pastime that I miss dearly. That little break in the day to recharge and refresh. Especially nice when followed by a walk downtown. When I head out for my first coffee date post pandemic I’ll be wearing this fresh and breezy babydoll top. It’s light and airy being made out of cotton gauze and would be so cute in this increasingly beautiful weather. I would pair it with a cute pair of high-waisted shorts.

Park Playdate

A less relaxing meet up deserves a top that will stay with you when you’re running after a handful of toddlers. This striped tank won’t cling in the summer sun but you’ll still look like the cool mom. Win win. Pair it with your favorite jeans and knot it at the waist to head out to lunch after. It’s well named as the Wishful Thinking top as all of the moms across the world are wishfully thinking about how great it will be to let the kids out for some exercise again. And while you’re planning park playdates make sure to check out this children’s collection to get the kids stocked up on their real life clothes too!


While being able to stream church service from home is a blessing, how great will it be to put on your Sunday best and be able to sing from the pews. With this spring weather you’ll want an outfit that is cool but modest and this skirt will do just the trick! It has elastic at the waist and buttons down the side. You can dress it up with a cute top or make it more casual with a solid tank knotted in the front.

With the Girls

One of the best parts about being out of quarantine won’t be the places we go, but the people we go with. It’s hard being separated from family and friends and when the time comes to get your favorite girls back together again Etre has a few great options! These tees are the epitome of comfort and the sayings on them are great. Who doesn't love a little female empowerment?

Running Around Town

I never thought I would miss my long list of errands to run, but I do. A Target run would feel like a great adventure right about now. I’d even take my kids. For busy days full of to-do’s this button down will keep you comfortable and casual. You could even take your time browsing the succulents in the hopes that someone sees you in an outfit this cute. Or hey, if you’re getting really far out after quarantine this top would look great on the beach.

Home and Backyard Barbecues

I know that when this is all over and we rush out to get back to our lives the time will come when what we really miss most of all is this quiet time at home with our loved ones that we have now. When I’m at home my day is spent playing on the floor with the kids, running around the house cooking or cleaning, planting flowers outside, cuddling up on the couch with my babies. A dress like this is perfect for a full stay at home day. It breathes and moves with you but is cute enough to throw a denim jacket over and wear to have your family over for a bbq.

Quarantine won’t last forever. Day dreaming about the outfits we’ll wear, the events we’ll go to and the friends we’ll see helps us remember what it is we’re working to get back to, healthily. Hug your kids and your spouse. Cuddle up next to your pup and binge watch all the series you never had the time to before. Enjoy not putting on makeup or doing your hair for this short time and focus on what you have in front of you. And until the day comes when we can put on our favorite outfit and head downtown just keep dreaming, keep busy, keep going.