• Maura Scudero

The Rise of the High Rise: 5 Reasons High Rise Pants are our Favorite. By Maura Scudero

Do you remember your mom’s old blue jeans? The kind that turned her front into a Kangaroo pouch and her back into one long silhouette? The kind you definitely didn’t want her to wear around your friends.

Oh how wrong we were to laugh at those blue jeans. As we get older (and by default, wiser) we realize that our moms knew exactly what they were doing. While we were playing Britney Spears in our ultra low cut jeans that you had to pull up in the back any time you sat down, our mother’s were comfortable and free moving.

At Etre we took a page out of our mother’s handbooks but updated it for the modern woman. Across the board, we embrace the high rise. Here’s five reasons that we love this fashion forward throw back.

1. Made for the Mommas

Three words here: comfort, comfort, and comfort! This style of pant was made for the postpartum warriors who have carried little lives and have the bod to show for it but still want to look fashionable. These pants pull and hide all the little extras and shine all your assets! Not to mention how much easier it is to bend and run and play when you aren’t constantly tugging your pants up.

So mom’s, rejoice! The “mom jean” is now meant for you. Hello comfort and style, we’re here to stay.

2. They’re Made for EVERYbody

We haven’t found a woman on Earth that high rise pants don’t look awesome on. They fit a variety of body shapes and we’re here for that! They make us short ladies look taller, they hug at the waist giving curves to those who are looking for them and a cinch where you want it for others. High rise jeans represent our modern society and love for all women and all body types. We should celebrate that!

3. Oh Boy, the Variety!

One of the really great things about high rise pants is the variety they come in. At Etre we carry several different variations and we can tell you from experience, our high rise shorts give a whole new level of cute AND comfy to jean shorts!

As we all know, high rise jeans look great with a pair of sneakers. They’re a casual everyday look for many of us. But high rise looks just as great when it’s dressed up for a date night out!

On top of all that there are so many different types. Skinny jeans, boot cut, ripped and distressed, black skinnies. This makes it easy to find the perfect pair for you and the perfect pair to go with your favorite shoes.

4. Not Just Here for the Denim

So what if you’re reading this thinking, “I’m not really a jean person”. Girl, we got you. At Etre we carry multiple different options for a high rise pant that have nothing to do with denim. This is one of our favorites, and is extra cute when paired with a basic tank and tennis shoes.

Looking for something with a little more pizazz? Try out these faux leather leggings. They’re skinny and high rise and would look perfect with your favorite bomber jacket giving off a very Olivia Newton-John vibe. And who doesn’t want that?

5. High Rise Pants are a Classic

High rise pants have been around for decades and we’re here to say that we hope this is one fashion trend that sticks around for awhile. The versatility and comfort are impossible to beat and we are so happy to never have to worry about our backside showing again. There’s a high rise style for every woman’s taste and whether it's from Etre or another store we hope you join us in this appreciation for a really great pair of pants.